Things you need to take on the day

For the Swim Leg:   Towel for drying off, Goggles, Bathers, Swim Cap
For the Bike Leg:   Bike, Helmet, Shoes, Socks (optional), T-shirt or Singlet, Water bottle
For the Run Leg:   Shoes, Socks (optional), T-shirt or Singlet, Hat / Cap


Be Prepared !!

Put Sunscreen on Before You Start

Before the Event

  • Lay out your gear the night before and check that you have everything you need
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Make sure you know where the race venue is and how to get there and what time you need to arrive
  • Give yourself plenty of time on event day.
  • Make sure you register and get numbered before you do anything else
  • Do a little warm up exercise before you participate

 Transition Area

  • Take note of the entry and exit points
  • Set up your bike, place your shoes at the point closest to your bike with your T-shirt and helmet alongside, keep your equipment bag out of the way.
  • Place your helmet so it is easy to put on
  • Place your shoes with laces open so they are easy to put on

Event Briefing

  • Make sure you know the course and where to go for transition. Check the maps
  • Listen carefully at briefing
  • Make sure you know any rules
  • Know how many laps you are meant to do

During the Event

  • Put on your T-shirt first after the swim, then your shoes and helmet
  • Only when you have done all this move your bike.
  • Walk your bike to the mount line before you get on it
  • Remember how many laps you are doing
  • Keep left on the cycle if not overtaking
  • Slow down before corners and turns
  • Tell people you are coming by when you are overtaking
  • Get off your bike at the dismount line.  Do not ride it in transition.
  • Pace yourself and have a great time!  Don’t forget to smile when you cross the finish line!

After the Event

  • Have a drink and something healthy to eat soon after completing the event.  This will help restore the energy you used during the event and assist your recovery.
  • Take a photo with your family and friends
  • Make sure you wait until after the last participant has finished before you go to collect your bike and equipment from the transition area.
  • Stay for the spot prizes or you may miss out.  You have to be there to get one!