Congratulations to all our award recipients for 2021.

Club Champions

 Based on the Club Champion criteria.

  Champion Runner-up
Overall Alexandra Keith (260)  
Senior Male (19+) Toby Smith (238) Rodney Smith (197)
Senior Female (19+) Alexandra Keith (260) Dannielle Monaghan (100)
Junior Male Kai McDonald (206) Che Buckley (105)
Junior Female Mia Whitford (134) Georgia Martin (120)


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Encouragement award


Senior Mini Triathlon - Bairnsdale

  Winner Runner-up
Overall  Luke Mills  
Senior Male (20+)   Luke Mills Joe Wagstaff
Senior Female (20+) Alexandra Keith Jodee Walsh
Junior Male Ethan Sanderson Che Buckley
Junior Female Georgia Martin

Charlotee Klingner

Senior Mini Triathlon - Sale

  Winner Runner-up
Overall Mia Whitford  
Senior Male (20+) Simon Whitford Dave Munro
Senior Female (20+) Dannielle Monaghan Kerri Goode
Junior Male Blake Vine Kai McDonald
Junior Female Mia Whitford Lilian Canfield


Kids Mini Triathlon - Bairnsdale

This season some of our Junior triathletes started the season in one distance then took up the challenge to move up a distance.  So we thought the fairest way was to add their points from both distances and award them in a separate category that recognised the challenge they took up.

   Long Distance    Mid Distance    Micro Distance
1 Jami Clarke 1 Maddie Evans 1 Liam Morrison
2 Xavier Morrison 2 Caleb Morrison 2 Maggie Klingner
3 Jay Sutherland 3 Evie Walsh


Kids Mini Triathlon - Sale

   Long Distance    Mid Distance    Micro Distance
1 Harry Whitford 1 Nash Monaghan 1 Stella Monaghan
2 Obi Vardy 2 Willow Cameron 2 Kobe Hiskins
3 Mitchell Dihood 3 Matthew Canfield 3 Mac Whittaker


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