Mini Triathlon Points

Mini Tri’s are not a race as such but there is a competitive challenge attached which is all about personal development and improvement. You race your own best time.  Your first race for the season establishes a Personal Best (PB). Points are awarded after each race based on your performance against this time. Series points lead to awards and trophies at the end of the season for Riviera Triathlon Club members.  


The points are as follows:

 Initial Personal Best   time = 8 points

New Personal Best time = 10 points 

0 - 9 seconds over PB = 8 points  

10 - 19 seconds over PB = 6 points 

20 - 29 seconds over PB = 4 points

30 - 39 seconds over PB = 3 points

40 - 49 seconds over PB = 2 points   

50 - 59 seconds over PB = 1 point

60 seconds or more over PB = 0 points  

 Results  for last Mini Tri Season are now up. Check them out to see how you went last year and what goals to aim for this season!!


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